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Copilot for learning

Corolair is an AI Assistant for teachers and instructors, that turns into a personalized Tutor for students.

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Our vision

Despite their passion for education, teachers are burdened with tedious tasks, leaving them less time to foster the growth of their students. We are convinced that AI has a powerful role in reducing this workload.
It helps them grade and prepare additional material by, among other things, generating exams, presentation or summaries from course materials so they have more time to focus on what really matters.

Use cases


Focus on what matters most

Live up to the promise to unlock students full potential by providing the support they expect

  • Stop having teachers frustrated by lack of time so that they focus on their educational mission or researches
  • Let your students unlock their full potential by freeing up teachers' time to support them
  • Live up to your promise to provide the best environment for faculty and students


Create learning materials in a flash

Divide the workload by 10 and unlock a new level of efficiency in courses creation and update

  • Streamline your creation process by generating additional content that can be easily integrated into your existing platform
  • Allow teams to dedicate more time to improving courses, as well as responding to enrollees' queries
  • Cut down costs of creating fresh content that customers request without sacrificing fidelity or quality

About us


in minutes, not hours

Photo of Wassym Kalouache, Corolair Co-Founder and CEO

Wassym Kalouache


Led teaching teams at Le Wagon. ML Engineer at WW and Product Manager at Dailymotion. Polytechnique and Columbia alumni.

Photo of Romain Morvant, Corolair Co-Founder and COO

Romain Morvant


Led technological change in financial and operating departments as Senior Consultant at KPMG. Managed campaign for a French MP.